Welcome to ThreeLights.net! The personal site and web playground of Matthias Langer aka. T3L.


apps/preferences-desktop-remote-desktop-2.png ThreeLights.NET is back


It has taken more time than expected. But I am finally ready to release this update of ThreeLights.NET. As you may see, basically nothing has been left untouched.

What's new:

  • New Design (ThreeLigthts V5 uses many features of CSS3)
  • New CMS structure. I will be able to update the website faster and more frequently.
  • The old news section is gone. I have replaced it with a mysql driven blogging engine.
  • The "projects" section is now database driven.
  • New picture gallery. Due to the poor design of the old gallery, I never actually used it. The latest pictures are still from 2005. I will upload new galleries in the next weeks.
  • "About Me" updated!
  • "Contact Data" updated!
  • Side bar with Tag-Cloud added.
  • Search bar has been integrated with the side bar (not activated yet!).

What's next?

  • I have to update the links section.
  • Add some interesting projects I did in the past years.
  • "Poll" module.
  • CMS extension.
  • Ads; I have not yet decided, whether I will put promotion stuff on my website again.

I am confident that you'll like the changes. Your feedback is welcome! I've ditched almost all browser compatibility code. If you have problems viewing this website, please upgrade your browser. If that does not help, make a screenshot and mail it to me. I am interested in how the website looks on other computers.

apps/preferences-desktop-remote-desktop-2.png Internet Explorer 8's website renderer


Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 8 isn't much better than it's predecessors when it comes to CSS3. I've spent a considerable amount of time on tuning specified W3C standard effects, that work out of the box with Firefox 3.5+. Even now, the differences are still noticeable. Every Internet Explorer specific fix I apply, seems to cause other more tricky errors. However, I finallay managed to enabling drop shadows for the IE as well.

Today's round has been won by the brave fighter for justice and browser compatibility T3L himself (me!).

YAY! Site Note: As of today, ThreeLights.NET should be completely XHTML 1.0 compliant.

apps/preferences-desktop-remote-desktop-2.png ThreeLights Design 4.0 - Face-lift


Several friends already asked me "to either update the webiste" or "to take it down completely". The truth is: My job requires me to relocate a lot. Since I've begun working for money, I do not have much spare time for maintaining this website.

Anyway, while waiting for my permanent residence permit here in Beijing, I had some time to develop. I hope you like the new website design.

apps/preferences-desktop-remote-desktop-2.png ThreeLights.NET


The change request has been processed. ThreeLights is back with all stuff and all downloads. Btw. I have finally managed to get the domain "www.ThreeLights.net".

apps/preferences-desktop-remote-desktop-2.png Monthly Server Quota


Did you visit this site before? Did you see an annoying message about a monthly quota limitation, that prevented you from downloading files? This issue is being resolved right now. I have talked with the provider and we've found a "flexible" solution. From tomorrow, ThreeLights.DE will have unlimited bandwidth.

"Alles für den Dackel! Alles für den Club! Unser Leben für den Hund! - Hund!"

apps/preferences-desktop-remote-desktop-2.png Guestbook V3.0


This is another attempt to reopen the guestbook. Last time, I almost got kicked by my provider, because my guestbook script ran havok. Let's hope this one works better!

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